About Us

At the Greyze Gallery, we are working with the best international and Australian designers to curate a personalized authentic collection of jewellery for you.

Jewellery is a way to express ourselves, feel unique and to keep our memories alive. It is a highly personal matter of our taste, spirit, affection and desire. 

We built Greyze Gallery to give our customers the best selection of authentic pieces created by contemporary designers from around the world. We aspire to showcase high quality craftsmanship and unique techniques, timeless design and versatility. It is important for us that our collection represents the pieces that are produced in limited editions by artisan jewellers, but also are as wearable in everyday life as they are remarkable. 

Through extensive research we have curated the unique collection offering you the pieces of jewellery with the meaning and relevance. Each piece is rare and refined, beautifully crafted and passionately handed over to make you feel special!

"Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique "

 Elizabeth Taylor